Glenn Muske, North Dakota State University Extension System

Glenn labels himself as the small business guy for the North Dakota State University Extension System. His role is supporting existing small business owners and entrepreneurs as well as those looking to get into business throughout North Dakota and nationally through eXtension’s Entrepreneurs and Their Communities.

Glenn focuses on helping owners with:

  • idea generation;
  • opportunity development;
  • start-up tasks;
  • marketing, both traditional and online;
  • technology use in the business, and
  • business operation and growth.

His clientele range from home-based to online, product to service, and operating lifestyle to profit/growth oriented businesses. Currently he has been involved with several value-added sustainable value-added small farming operations as individuals are working to profitably increase local food production

Glenn is located with the NDSU Extension Center for Community Vitality and offices in Bismarck, ND. Previous to returning to ND, he worked for worked for 14 years with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service doing similar small business development.

Contact Information:

Glenn Muske

Rural and Agribusiness Enterprise Development Specialist

NDSU Extension Service – Center for Community Vitality

2718 Gateway Ave, #104 / Bismarck, ND  58504