What types of advertising media are best for my business?

The best type(s) of advertising for your business depends on geographic area, target customer demographics, the product(s) and/or services being sold, and the competition. In all cases, the business owner should set measurable goals, carefully track the advertising as it becomes available and evaluate all results to ensure the benefit is worth the expense.

  • Radio advertisements are relatively inexpensive ways to inform potential local customers about your business. Mid-to-late week is generally the best time to run your radio ad.
  • Television allows access to regional or national audiences but may be more expensive than other options.
  • Print materials in newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, or flyers allow you to explain in a little more detail what, when, where, and why people should buy from you. Be sure to include your logo and contact information¬†on all printed materials.
  • Direct mail is still an option for many businesses. You can send letters, fact sheets, contests, coupons, and brochures directly to new or old customers on local, regional, or national levels.
  • Internet marketing can provide useful information to interested consumers and clients. Password-protected areas allow users to more intimately interact with you. Advertisements allow broad promotion of your products. Company blogs and direct e-mail contact is possible if you have collected detailed customer information.
  • Social media is becoming an important part of the advertising formula. Success requires time, commitment and a genuine understanding of your target customers’ interests and needs.¬†
  • Word of mouth depends on satisfied (or dissatisfied) customers telling their acquaintances about the effectiveness of your products.