Cole Ehmke, University of Wyoming

In his work serving the citizens of Wyoming through the Cooperative Extension Service and the AgEcon Department, Cole covers agricultural entrepreneurship as well as personal financial resource management topics.

Projects have included
• coordinating and teaching in the Annie’s Project …

Mary Peabody, University of Vermont Extension

Mary Peabody, UVM Extension

Mary Peabody is a Community & Economic Development Specialist with University of Vermont Extension. She is passionate about working with small-scale farmers and small business owners on issues related to business planning, marketing and feasibility. She also works with rural …

Understanding Communities and Their Dynamics

Understanding Communities and Their Dynamics, level one of the Foundations of Practice in Community Development program, provides an introduction to the seven core competencies that focuses on the ability to understand community of place, the nature of public issues,

Borrowing to Finance Your Business

At some point, most small businesses need to look for a loan. While the reasons for needing a loan vary, nearly every business will face a time when bootstrapping or personal savings just cannot cover the need. While taking on …