In Tennessee, when does one need to become a Licensed Pest Control Operator?

Chartered companies that are in the business of commercial pest control, applying a pesticide for a fee, are required to have at least one Licensed Pest Control Operator at the main office and at least one at each branch office.
In order to become a Licensed Pest Control Operator, one must be certified in the respective certification category. You must also have one of the following:
? a B.S. in agriculture, entomology, biology, or some other related subject
? two years’ experience in that licensing category while being supervised by a Licensed Pest Control Operator
? a similar license from another state.
Two licensing categories are exempt from these requirements, AGE (Ag Ground) and HLT (Horticulture, Lawn and Turf). Individuals applying for these two categories must appear before the Tennessee Pest Control Board and pass a brief oral examination before being allowed to take either of these licensing exams.